Usher New Look Program

I have Learned a lot from Usher’s New Look and I have taken in a lot as well. I have,however,learned something very valuable,My career choice. Up until now, I have not given much time into thinking about my career. I have not really cared about it,until I found the importance of finding one. I,However,Did not want to rush into something and force myself to love it,so I decided to look at what I liked the most,and think of it as more of a career.Finally,I have came to the decision to become a Video Game Developer. If it was not for Usher’s New Look, I wouldn’t  have found my passion until later on in life,maybe when It was to late.


The Academies



Description:This is a Picture of Ed Boon in the video game he created called Mortal Kombat.

Explanation:I choose this Artifact because it showed a very well liked and basically famous person in their job/field,A Job/Field that I am very interested in.


Character/High School Readiness Traits


Description:This is one of the many Character Traits along with Honest,Time Management,Punctuality, Accountability, Organization, Intensity, and Diversity.

Explanation:I choose this artifact because It showed my favorite Characteristic and a Characteristic I show a lot.

Apply:I can apply this to my life by making use of good character and showing it to people whom I may be looking for an opportunity from.





Social Media Etiquette



Description:This is a Cyber Etiquette Poster.It shows an example of what your supposed to say if you are on a social network.

Explanation:I choose this Artifact because it shows a good example of  Social Media Etiquette. It also choose it because It gave a lot of description and detail.

Apply:I can apply this to my life by being careful and  watching who I talk to on the internet and other social media websites.


Propaganda/Persuasive Technique

Description:This Artifact is one of my projects for persuasive propaganda.I was trying to persuade the viewers into buying my MCTV while leaving it at a reasonable price.

Explanation:I choose this Artifact because  it is a prime example of Persuasive Propaganda.It showed the many ways I try to persuade the viewer into buying my product.

Apply it:I can apply it to my life next semester by remembering How to persuade other people into helping me or buying something from me.